Rooms & Suites

Greenwood's rooms are designed to provide the highest levels of comfort, convenience and efficiency.

Single Room

Usd 30 | B&B (1 PAX)

Air conditioned single rooms with bathrooms included. Each room is elegantly furnished with sit outs on the ground floor and balconies on the floor above. Large windows look out at views of a lawn and a tree lined slope.

Deluxe Room

Usd 35 | B&B (1 PAX)

Deluxe cottages built in clusters of four rooms on two floors with private sit outs and balconies. Large windows look out at trees and the landscape outside.

VIP Room

Usd 50 | B&B (2 PAX)

Set beneath the shade of a canopy of trees beside the pool villas are the premium duplex suites. Elegant living and dining areas are furnished with wooden furniture and a palette of soothing colors set of by vivid splashes.

Twin Room

Usd 45 | B&B (3 PAX)

The resort has an ultra-furnished twin room suite with exposed with granite bricks on the wall, beautiful drapes, colourful cushions, bolsters and plush upholstery

Family Room

Usd 65 | B&B (4 PAX)

Ultra luxury 'Family Room', a duplex suite with a stylishly furnished living room in the themes recurrent in the resort, in harmony with the nature outside.