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You are welcome to Kap- Urwo, a  conference center located within the leafy and serene environment of Greenwoods Resort, Eldoret.

Kap-Urwo is a term that denotes a place where discussions on strategic priorities take place. Such discussions were traditionally held under a the shade of a big tree. In fact, the term “Urwo” is both a physical shade, and also a group of leaders sitting under that shade.

Kap-Urwo meets conferencing requirements in terms of physical facilities such as a main conference hall, breakaway rooms, live streaming access and required staff support services.

An onsite  restaurant is also, available for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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Our clients are therefore very welcome to Greenwoods, where their conferencing requirements will be met, both in terms of the physical facilities, including a main conference hall, the breakaway rooms, live streaming services, and required staff support services, readily available.

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We have an events management department that handles all matters conferences, wedding, graduation parties e.t.c.

We are flexible and are able to make a more customized solution for you upon request. 

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