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We offer a serene environment, with more than adequate amenities for all your camping needs. You have the choice of using your own tents or renting them out, staying in one of the lovely rooms inside the quaint house, or in specially designed cottages. While the resort offers facilities for self-catering, you can also enjoy a home cooked meal from a wide variety of traditional African cuisine.


Lovely grounds with green lush grass for you to pitch your tent and sleep under the stars listening to the sounds nature. 


Stay at one of our warm homely cottages with en suite bathrooms which can comfortably  accommodate 1 to 3 people. 

You also have the choice of spending in one of the rooms in the quaint house.


While the resort offers facilities for self-catering, you can also enjoy a home cooked meal from a wide range of traditional African dishes.


Our lovely grounds provide a perfect venue for memorable outdoor events such as weddings receptions, graduation parties, among others.

Ablution Areas

Our Ablution ares with clean toilets, steaming hot showers are available for you when you camp to ensure a hassle free camping experiences.

"Think outside…no box required."


Greenwoods Resort and Campsite is a few Kilometers from Eldoret town, 7,100 feet (2,160 meters) above sea level. It is an hour away from Kakamega forest, which is Kenya’s only tropical rainforest, Kakamega rainforest is home to over 360 species of birds, 380 species of plants, 400 species of butterflies, 7 species of primates. It is ideal for bird watchers and nature enthusiasts. Located an hour away from Greenwoods is also Rimoi National Reserve, which is home to East and Central Africa’s largest herd of elephants. The elephants at the reserve move together in large herds of about 100, compared to other elephant herds that move in pairs, or in a group of three or five. ​ Saiwa Swamp National Park is located an hour and a half from greenwoods, and is the home to a rare and endangered species of semi-aquatic antelope, known as the Sitatunga. The National Park is also home to various species of tropical trees as well as the rare De Brazza’s monkey.


A few pictures from Greenwoods.



Greenwoods Resort and Campsite grew out of family deciding to open the doors to their home to friends, who then mooted the idea of a resort. The resort facilities have therefore grown out of the nucleus of what was originally a family house, and its associated farm facilities.


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